CRACK Trust’s journey has witnessed gradual consolidation and development of ideas grounded in the spirit of exploration, exchange and collective experience. It focuses on promoting young artists and thinkers by giving them space and momentum for flourishing their talent on an international basis. Through various activities it facilitates exchanges of thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs of artists and other creative professionals around the world. CRACK Trust organizes two programs annually: CRACK International Art Camp (CIAC) and Connecting Youngsters: CRACK Summer camp. A core team of activists play organizing roles in executing these programs. On its journey, CRACK has developed a strong network of associated artists in the world, especially in South Asian countries.

Artist Shawon Akand and artist Delowar Hossain’s meeting had germinated the crucial idea of this platform in 2007. Shawon Akand’s idea of artists gathering was drawn from the Baul (one kind of Sufi sects) philosophy and tradition in Bengal. Kushtia, a south western district of Bangladesh, is one of the major centers of this philosophy. This centuries old tradition accommodates an annual gathering of Baul practitioners and singers to come together, to stay few days and exchange their experience and deeper introspections with each-other. Inspired by this notion of deeper exchange and exploration, the initiators conceived a melting pot for artists and creative minds coming from diverse fields of praxis to come together and explore each other’s artistic realms. Shawon Akand’s visionary initiative and Delowar Hossain’s passionate support have made it possible to realize this platform. Eventually this platform is now constituted as a non-profit arts trust which is primarily based in Bangladesh and also charting new artistic arenas globally

Our Philosophy

CRACK Trust’s core notion is inspired by Baul’s philosophy and the heightened spiritual get together [A.K.A. Sadhu Sanga] of masters and practitioners. The practitioners believe that exchanging experience at a heightened state of being facilitates participants to explore new uncharted creative grounds and greater understanding of the universe. At CRACK Trust we believe that Art is a complex process and it could not be separated from life and ways of living. We think that every form of art has inter-relation and it is necessary to develop vigorous inter linkages between every field of culture to create a favorable environment for the progress of artistic practices. In this light, apart from visual artists, CRACK also engages creative people from various disciplines, including but not limited to theatre activists, photographers, film makers, musicians, psychologists, singers, poets, writers, journalists, actors, anthropologist, folklorists, historians, art critics and so on.

It aims to provide a platform for all thinkers and creative practitioners across the world with the philosophical basis to think independently and understand each other’s culture. Sharing and caring for cross-cultural art intends to establish an eco-friendly platform that takes into account the oneness of our planet that we all have been sharing for generations.



  • Delowar Hossain, Founder trustee
  • Shawon Akand, Founder trustee
  • Ananta Kumar Das, Trustee
  • Polash Chowdhury, Trustee
  • Kanak Aditya, Trustee
  • Rahul Ananda, Trustee
  • Tanzim Ahmed Bijoy, Trustee
  • Anarja Tapos, Trustee
  • Shakti Nomaan, Trustee
  • Nahad-Ul-Quasem Orchid, trustee

CRACK Associates



Jaan E Alam Chanchal


Shaheen Mahmood Reza Rajon


Shushmita Chakrabarti


Akhter Hossain


Raihan Ahmed Rafi


Ovijit Das

Imran Majhi



Ahmadabad – Mrugen Rathod

Assam – Binoy Paul

Bangalore – Aishwaryan Kumar

Delhi – Satadru Sovan

Kolkata – Tapati Chowdhury

Madras – Shuneel Sree

Pune – Aarthiee Kushawaha

Shantiniketaon – Sujoy Malakar


Shiblee Muneer


Darrell Roberts


Abu Jafar

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