Fiona Cheng - A NEST

Location: Crack Art Camp, under a mango tree
Made with the land, bamboo, rice straw, gravels, rope and friends’ help.
Dec 2017

Living in collectives in Crack for one week, I found herself need a personal space. As Virginia Woolf’s concept that a woman must have a room of her own if she is to write. I have similar feeling to own a space spending time only with myself. By creating the nest that contents a person as an animal, a child after went through an adventure sleeps under a piece of grass under the tree, in where every individual can hide, take a breath, nap, think, hatch or observe outside without being disturbed.

Special Thanks to Bidhyaman, Bzen, Jenney, Anonto da, Bijith, Kat, Saem and Zihan, and two little girls Ratna and her cousin’s support.

* Audience was free to get inside the A Nest, only one person at a time.

Fiona Cheng

Fiona Cheng is a Taichung/ Chittagong-based art critic/ writer. She co-founded Art Observer Field Archive and contributes to a number of art magazines and online media. Participated Crack Art Camp 2015 (as observer) and 2017 (as artist).
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